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Packaging and Safety

Improved standards to reduce risk of damage and pilferage, this in turn encourages competitive cargo insurance premiums and maintains good relations with the importer. Cargo received in a damaged condition seriously impairs the exporter’s product overseas market prospects as it loses goodwill with the importer. Moreover, the exporter is ultimately obliged to replace the damaged goods which can be a costly task. The shipper is very conscious of containing packing costs and the exporter is advised to engage a specialist packaging company to obtain professional advice and best results

Better Utilization

This is particularly relevant to the ISO container use when ideally suitably sized packaged cargo can be firmly stowed in it with no broken stowage. Full advantage should be taken of high-capacity containers for volume cargoes, and use made of stowage plan. This reduces risk of damage, and ensures all container capacity is utilized subject to the total weight limitations not being exceeded. Moreover, it reduces need to use dunnage and by attaining higher utilization/load factor of container capacity lowers the freight cost of each unit distributed.

Weight and Standards

Accurate cargo weight is an important factor in ensuring the safe operation of ships. Containers that are overweight, meaning that they weigh more than the declared weight provided by the shipper, create safety concerns for the ship, its crew, other cargo on board and the workers in the port facilities handling the cargo.

Improved Cargo Handling

Cargo packaging in design, namely dimension and configuration, should facilitate the most economical method of handling. Moreover, it applies from the time the goods are packaged which may be in the factory until it reaches the importer’s warehouse/distribution Centre. Mechanical cargo handling equipment is now in extensive use to reduce labour cost and speed up cargo handling.

Cargo insurance & Marine Insurance types and Policies

Cargo Insurance provides coverage against all risks of physical loss or damage to freight during the shipment from any external cause during shipping, whether by land, sea or air.

Cargo insurance is important in international trade. Marine cargo insurance is the most common method used to protect the value of goods from physical damage, theft, or general average. Cargo insurance is not always automatically included for all shipped goods—this often varies by region. Instead, shippers or consignees can purchase policies in the insurance market from niche providers, large brokers, local agents, websites, and freight forwarders.

Some of the most common types of damage are outside a carrier’s liability, including fire, acts of God, strikes, accidents of the sea, insufficiency of packing, and more. With these regulations in place, proving a carrier is legally liable for your freight can be difficult.

There are many companies handling freight throughout storage and transit. It can make it difficult to trace where damage occurred or prove who is liable for said damage. With a cargo insurance policy, goods are covered for these losses and don’t need to prove liability.

The right cargo insurance providers offer a variety of flexible policies based on our needs. And with low or no deductibles.

For All-risk Coverage Find a provider who can coverage all of standard commodities against financial exposure, physical loss, or damage while goods are in transit.

Qualified insurance teams with plenty of insurance experts guide through the purchasing and claims process, great cargo insurance providers help to navigate the complicated rules and regulations to quickly resolve claims.

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